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Innovation Strategy
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Logimade Innovation: Digitally Transforming Tomorrow, Across Sectors Today.

Who Can Get Involved

Co-Innovation Partners

If you represent an academic institution or a research centre and have an innovative idea or research direction, let’s co-innovate. We value the depth of knowledge and fresh perspectives you bring to the table.

Industry Collaborators

Possess unique know-how or expertise that can complement our research and implementation capabilities? Let's synergize our strengths and create path-breaking solutions.

Problem Solvers

Companies or institutions grappling with complex challenges in the domains we work in, your problems are our challenges. Share your story, and let us jointly design solutions that don’t just address your individual concerns, but perhaps redefine standards for the entire sector.

Why Partner with Logimade Innovation


Shared Vision

We believe in co-creating value, ensuring that all stakeholders involved benefit from our collaborative endeavours.


State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

Gain access to our cutting-edge facilities, tools, and expertise in AI, IoT, Blockchain, and more.


Network & Ecosystem

Become part of a robust network of innovators, researchers, and industry leaders.


Turn Challenges into Opportunities

Let's transform hurdles into innovative solutions that can pioneer change.

Let's Shape the Future Together

If you share our enthusiasm for innovation and believe in the power of collaboration, we would love to hear from you. Whether you have a groundbreaking idea, a complex problem, or specialized expertise, together, we can shape the future.

Contact Us to Kickstart Our Collaboration!



+351 291 712 284
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Rua 5 de Outubro 123 9000-216
Funchal, Portugal

Segunda a sexta das 09h às 13h e das 14h às 17:30h

Join Our Journey of Collaborative Innovation

In the evolving world of technology and change, Logimade Innovation recognizes the power of collaboration. While our team is dedicated and skillful, we believe that breakthroughs often come from diverse minds coming together. That's where you come in.

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