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Logimade Innovation: Digitally Transforming Tomorrow, Across Sectors Today.


At the heart of Logimade Innovation lies an assembly of brilliant minds - a research and innovation team driven by motivation, expertise, and creativity. Each day, we harness the power of cutting-edge digital technologies, from virtual reality and big data to blockchain, AI, and edge computing. Our primary mission is to craft transformative solutions tailored for a diverse range of sectors: healthcare, logistics, hygiene, cleaning, fine printing, waste management, and the environment. Dive into a world where innovation meets industry-specific needs, only at Logimade Innovation.

Our Vision

In a world where technology reshapes daily life, Logimade Innovation envisions being the beacon of transformation. We strive to consistently pioneer solutions that integrate the most advanced digital technologies, creating a harmonious synergy between the healthcare, environment sectors. Our vision is to lead industries into the future, fostering a global ecosystem where innovation enhances quality, sustainability, and progress for all.

What We Do

1 • B2B Digital Platforms

Through projects like CollMi, we provide a revolutionary digital platform that allows logistics companies to collaborate efficiently, turning potential logistical challenges into lucrative business opportunities.

2 • Research & Development

Our commitment to progress is showcased in ventures like the Tidy City project, where we leverage technology to enhance urban living. Our collaborations with industry leaders and tech giants ensure we remain at the pinnacle of innovation.

3 • Sustainable Solutions

Recognizing the environmental implications of our sector, we ardently pursue eco-friendly practices. From reducing carbon emissions through collaborative logistics micro-hubs to championing electric delivery vehicles, we're dedicated to making a positive impact.

4 • Empowering Smaller Enterprises

We believe in an equitable economic landscape. Our platforms empower smaller logistics firms to compete effectively, ensuring a balanced marketplace.




Years of expertise in the logistics sector.



Continuous research and development to bring forward groundbreaking solutions.



Strong partnerships with industry leaders and tech innovators.



A deep-rooted commitment to environmental responsibility.

Featured Projects



Transforming the face of B2B logistics with a unique platform for sharing deliveries.



A vision of the future where technology meets urban management, leading to smarter, cleaner, and more efficient cities.

Stay updated with our latest ventures and dive deep into the world of innovative logistics with Logimade Innovation.
Join us as we pave the way for the future, one innovation at a time!

Focus areas

At Logimade Innovation, we champion the fusion of progressive technologies with real-world challenges, aiming to sculpt the future of various sectors through relentless research and ingenious applications. By leveraging our deep expertise and insights in groundbreaking technologies, we're crafting revolutionary solutions for industries that power modern civilization. Below are the key focus areas of our research and innovation activities:

1 • Logistics

Harnessing the prowess of Artificial Intelligence, Edge Computing, and Blockchain, we are redefining the landscape of logistics. From real-time tracking to predictive analytics and automation, we aim to create a seamless, efficient, and globally connected logistical collaborative network.

2 • Utilities Delivery and Management

Our endeavours in this sector span waste, water, telecommunications, gas, and energy. Combining the strengths of RFID, DevOps, IoT and mobile development, we are creating smart solutions that promise efficient delivery, management, and consumption. Our goal is to not only streamline operations but also ensure sustainability and resilience in utility management.

3 • Recycling

In an era where sustainability is paramount, our focus on recycling is intense. Integrating Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things, we're building platforms that promote waste separation, efficient waste sorting, processing, and repurposing, thereby giving materials a second life and reducing the burden on our planet

4 • RFID Traceability Solutions for Health

The health sector, with its intricate processes and vast data pools, benefits immensely from RFID traceability. Utilising Edge Computing and blockchain, our solutions aim to ensure transparency, safety, and efficiency. From tracking medical equipment to ensuring the authenticity of medications, we're setting new standards in health traceability.

Technological Cornerstones


Artificial Intelligence

Powering smart solutions, predictive analytics, and automation.


Internet of Things

Bridging the gap between digital and physical realms, enabling real-time data collection and insights.



Ensuring transparency, security, and decentralised control in our solutions.



Streamlining processes, improving collaboration, and speeding up solution deployment.


Mobile Development

Crafting intuitive, accessible, and powerful applications for users on-the-go.


Edge Computing

Processing data closer to its source, ensuring faster response times and reduced latency.

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